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It was a coincidence that on 24th day of August, 2019, during the URI Youth Assembly at Karickam International Public school, a humble beginning of a process started; the process of a beautiful transformation. It has immense implications in saving humanity from the verge of total annihilation. By now we have received encouraging note to take the campaign to reach as many educational institutions as possible.


We did not create this world; we inherited this beautiful formation, which is a blessing beyond description. It is a pity that the human beings could not fully realise the purpose of the cosmic order; we were competing to forge a hell out of a heaven. We have to reverse this erroneous process and straighten our paths to progress. If we don’t do it now, it will be too late to lament; we may not get a moment to repent, when the rockets fly and fill the space with fire.

With immense faith in the young ones, we rise up to regain sanity. We will have one billion voices together, appealing to the conscience of the world and the masters on the driving seat on the fragments of the given earth. We aspire to leave a glorious globe for our children and grand- children to thrive. Let us be peace ambassadors all over the world, saying no to war and terror. We will not rest until we win. This victory will not be for a fortunate few, but for all the ones who are fortunate to be born on this planet, our planet.

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Peace Pledge Promoted by One Billion youth for Peace.

Campaign Initiatied by Cosmic Community Centre, Karickam, Kerala, India.

We--------------(name os school/college/association) hereby assert that we will work tirelessly and always for lasting peace in the whole world. We plead all nuclear powers to deactivate all nuclear weapons, so that our earth will not be destroyed by accident or by human knowledge. Our dream is to see a world free of all weapons of all kinds so that posterity can inherit a peaceful earth where all live in serenity and soundness forever.

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